Summerbreeze F16 2021


2021-06-22 10:06 Mandatory response to previous message
Sorry about the "no reply" message of the system, we are still learning. Please send the mandatory reply to:
2021-06-22 09:35 Covid-regulations Summerbreeze
Dear All F16 members and attendees to the 2021 F16 SummerBreeze, We are grateful to the AVAL to host us in such complex times. I can assure you that the AVAL and Class Elected representatives are doing their ultimo to get this event to a reality. In those unknown times, we will have to conform to some strict regulation Here is the list : - 30 boats will be able to use the AVAL facilities location, for the additional ones we are looking for an alternative access to water. This matter will be settled by end of June - Max 3 persons in the men’s rooms, 2 persons in the ladies - When leaving the changeroom, all belongings will have to be carried out, - At arrival, a sanitary self-declaration will have to be filled up - Temperature check will be required at each inlet into the club surroundings - Access to the club facility will be possible, wearing a mask - Club House will sell, drinks and snacks but consumption only allowed outside - Response to this email is mandatory including the following statement : o You will respect each of the sanitary related clause o Notify of your expected arrival day and time o Notify with contact details (Phone/Email) of persons coming to the event but not registered as a sailor, Let’s make this a smooth running event, Stéphane
2021-06-02 10:30 Notice Board and Communication
Please note that the Summerbreeze event will use the app "Racingrulesofsailing" as the official notice board and communication platform for notifications and protests. The app is available for IOS and Android. The url is
2021-06-02 10:20 Test
This is a test of our notice board for the Summerbreeze.