Lipton Cup

Hearing Decisions

No. Type Race Initiator Respondent(s) Decision
02. Request for Redress 1,2,3,4 J105 - California YC Organizational Authority
Rules: 62.1(a), SI C2.1(f), SI 5.1 and RRS 90.2(c)
Redress Denied

    01. Protest by PC 1 Protest Committee J105 - San Francisco YC
    Rules: 11, 14, 14(b), Preamble to Part C, Keep Clear, SI Attachment E
    Protest upheld.
    1. SFYC (Lucky Duck) took the applicable penalty, which was to retire.
    2. SFYC is further penalized 12 points which is to be added to her race 1 scored points.