International Moth Open & World Championships 2023

Official Notice Board

Hearing Decisions

No. Type Race Initiator Respondent(s) Decision
06. Fleet Seedings 3,4 and onwards Moth - GBR 3169 - The Mercy Seat Organizational Authority
The protest committee allows the request to be withdrawn.

05. Protest 1 Moth - Blue fleet - 4849 - Despechs Moth - Blue - GBR 4705
Request Invalid
The protest committee allows the protest to be withdrawn.

04. Protest 1 Moth - Yellow - USA 8 - Teal Moth - Yellow - ITA 4907
Rules: 10.14. 62
Protest Upheld. ITA 4907 took the applicable penalty and is not further penalized.
USA8's request for redress is granted. USA8 is to be scored in races 1 and 2 points equal to the average, rounded to the nearest tenth of a point (0.05 to be rounded upward), of her points in all races except racesĀ  1 and 2. This shall not change the score of the other boats. However, more than half of USA8's race scores in the Qualifying Series must be based on her finishing position in races she starts, and any grant of redress in excess of this amount shall not be applied to the boat's score.

03. Protest by PC
    1 Protest Committee Moth - GBR 4772
    Rules: 69
    a warning was issued. There is no further action by the Jury.
    01. Protest 4 Moth - Sui 4591 Moth - GBR 4485
    An appropriate penalty having been taken, the committee allowed the protest to be withdrawn.