17th Royal Langkawi International Regatta

Official Notice Board

Hearing Decisions

No. Type Race Initiator Respondent(s) Decision
07. Protest 10 Racing - Uranus Racing - Janda Baik
Request Invalid
Rules: 61.1(a)

Invalid protest

    06. Protest 6 White Sails - MAS616 - Chantique White Sail - Linda
    Rules: 69.1(a), 69.2(b), 69.1(b)(1), 69.2(h)(1)

    1.A warning is given to Graham Goodwin under RRS 69.2(h)(1), and that he would be expelled from the Regatta if the action is repeated.

    2.Graham Goodwin is to apologise to the crew of Chantique he offended through the Skipper or apologise to the individual crew members of Chantique if they so choose.

      05. Protest by PC 6 Protest Committee Club Cruising - 37 - Luna Nafi
      Rules: SI16.2, SI14.2

      Discretionary Penalty to be given as follows:

      One position will be added to her result (Race 6). However, the position will not be worse than a disqualification, The positions of all the other boats will remain the same.

        04. Protest by RC 4 Race Committee 1.White Sails and 2.Club Cruising Classs - 1. Linda 2. Luna/Nafi
        Rules: 63.3 (b), 28
        Linda and Luna/Nafi are disqualified in Race 4.
          03. Protest 4 White Sails - Hull 31 - Eveline Hull 0 - Linda
          Request Invalid
          Rules: 61.1(a)(3)
          Invalid Protest
            02. Protest 4 IRC2 - Phoenix IRC2 - MAS88 - Endeavour of Whitby
            Request Invalid
            Rules: 61.3
              01. Protest 4 IRC2 - USA50402 - Salina IRC 2 - JPN777 - Phoenix
              Rules: 28.1

              Phoenix is disqualified in Race 4.