Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta 2021

Official Notice Board

Hearing Decisions

No. Type Race Initiator Respondent(s) Decision
08. Protest by PC 1 Protest Committee 2021 Cruiser1 4-day series - 3210L - Aquadanca 3
Rules: 69.1a
Aquadanca 3 have been asked to be mindful of their conduct on the VHF and have been asked to apologise via the PRO to all the Race Officials concerned.
07. Protest 2 2021 IRC1 4-day series - 6840R - Lancelot ll 2021 IRC1 4-day series - 86R - Fargo
The protest committee allows the protest to be withdrawn.

06. Request for Redress by PC 2 Protest Committee Day Boat Class - Day Boat Class only
Rules: 62.1(a)
Redress is granted.
The Protest Committee considered all the options to find the fairest arrangement for all competitors in this fleet and in the regatta
Option 1 was felt to be unfair to the boats that successfully finished
Option 2 was thought to be feasible but not ideal for the boat that started and already scored TLE
Option 3 was thought to overly penalise the late starters with a large DNS score
Our decision was that Option 4 was the most fair arrangement
Therefore all boats that finished are scored as they finished. Boast scored TLE are scored TLE; Madeline, Two’s Company, Truffle, Bumble Bee 2 and Escapade are to be scored as 6 points. Ie one more than the score of TLE for three finishers.

We considered whether other fleets were also adversely affected by these conditions, and received no evidence that this was the case.
05. Protest 3 2021 Cruiser1 4-day series - 8633T - Ariel of Hamble 2021 Cruiser1 4-day series - 23 - Bojar
The protest committee allows the protest to be withdrawn as Bojar accepted a 30% penalty in accordance with Sailing Instructions 14.2.1 before Arbitration

04. Request for Redress 2 2021 Day Sailing Boat 4-day series - 160 - Bumble B II Race Committee
Rules: SI 11.7, RRS 26, RRS 62.1
Redress is not given.

03. Request for Redress 1 2021 Cruiser1 4-day series - 1677R - Liberty of Cowes Race Committee
Rules: RRS 62.1a
Redress given, correct finishing time for Liberty to be 2 mins 45 secs ahead of 1070L
02. Request for Redress 1 2021 IRC3 4-day series - 4718L - Temptress Race Committee
Rules: 62.1, RYA Case 1994/9, SI 2.1, RYA Racing Guidance
Redress is not given.

01. Protest 1 Race Committee 2021 IRC2 4-day series - 6965T - Muskox
The protest committee allows the protest to be withdrawn.
6965T Muskox should be scored RET